• I’ll be reading at this year’s Poetry Book Fair in London on Saturday, 17 Septenber, as part of Sidekick Books’ ‘Birds, Beasts, and Terrible Lizards’ session. (I’ll supply the latter, from my Hell Creek Anthology.)
  • Poems from a new sequence have recently appeared in the U City Review and The Literateur.
  • Three poems from The Ruin were recently featured on And Other Poems.
  • The Portable Poetry Workshop, ed. Nigel McLoughlin, will be out from Palgrave shortly, with my chapters on prosody and on Gertrude Stein’s Poetry & Grammar.
  • Darklings – a sequence of 47 poems inspired by Hitchcock’s Vertigo – will be published by Like This Press this year.
  • Last, but not least – in September this year, I took up a new post as Lecturer in English and Creative Industries at the University of York, where I’ll be helping to develop new writing curriculum and collaborating on the many great writing initiatives already underway in the department.

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