2012-06-17 15.38.05My research is broadly concerned with contemporary poetry and the creative industries. This includes a focus on the ways poetry is published and promoted, along with wider interests in creative labour and ethics.

Current Projects

  • My current monograph project, tentatively titled Full Collection: The Selling and Self-Regulation of New British Poetry, examines anthology practices, prize culture, and changing language around originality and creative labour.
  • With Ágnes Lehóczky, I’m currently co-editing Wretched Strangers, an anthology exploring the poetry of migration in post-Brexit Britain.
  • With Helen Smith and Seth Gottlieb, I’m assembling a print studio at the University of York, which will include a newly-built replica 18th-century common press.
  • I recently launched The Stray, a new literary magazine based in York’s department of English and Related Literature.

In various contexts, I’ve also written on twentieth-century US poets, including TS Eliot, John Berryman, Delmore Schwartz, Wallace Stevens, Elizabeth Bishop, and William Carlos Williams – the latter of whom was the subject of my PhD thesis. More generally, my criticism, poetry, and other creative work have all been modes for exploring the relationship between critical and creative practice.

Recent & Upcoming Talks

  • ‘Poetry as Content: The Network Value of Lyrical Thought’ (Poetry and the Essay, University of Wellington, NZ, December 2017).
  • ‘Making Words Work: Employability in English and Creative Writing’ (English Shared Futures, Newcastle, July 2017).
  • ‘Miraculously Multiplied: Ball Poems & Self-Loss’ (Poetry and Psychoanalysis conference, Institute of Psychoanalysis, London, June 2017).
  • ‘Not a Morose Type: The Windsor Font in Annie Hall‘ (Remembering Annie Hall conference, University of Sheffield, May 2017).
  • ‘Delighted & Humbled: The Poet as Entrepreneur‘ (Contemporary Poetry: Thinking and Feeling, Plymouth University, May 2016).
  • ‘Unacknowledged Obligations: Poetry Sleuthing with Thomas De Quincey and Ira Lightman’ (Authorship and Appropriation, University of Dundee, April 2016).
  • ‘What’s so funny about beefs, bad blood, and misunderstandings?: Fear of Factions in Contemporary British Poetry‘ (New Generation to Next Generation: Three Decades of British and Irish Poetry, London, March 2015).

Selected Publications